Friday, April 16, 2010

All About Me

Hugh Hewitt and Mark Steyn have a good chuckle at the expense of you-know-who, a man who refracts everyone and everything through his own sparkly personal prism of wonderfulness. Here he is telling an Australian reporter how much of himself he sees in Australia's p.m.:
Reporter: Presidents and prime ministers always talk about a special U.S.-Australian relationship. And one of your senior State Department officials talked about a meeting of minds between you and Kevin Rudd. Is there a meeting of minds?
BHO: I really do think there is. You know, Kevin is somebody who I probably share as much of a worldview as any world leader out there. I find him smart but humble. He works wonderfully well in multilateral settings. He’s always constructive, incisive. And you know, I think he’s like me, a pragmatic person. I think he comes to the job wanting to provide better opportunities not just for this generation, but for the next. But I think, you know, he’s somebody who isn’t an academic or just thinking about abstract ideas. I think he’s constantly thinking in very practical terms about how to get something done.
Anyone else get the feeling he's not really talking about Rudd at all?

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Viking said...

I do love the way he says Rudd is like himself, and then lists a series of wonderful character traits.