Monday, April 19, 2010

Another 'Victory' for 'Human Rights'

Behold--the CHRC site's latest "human rights" ruling. I didn't manage to plow through the whole thing, but I gather it deals with a chap of, erm, North African origin who failed a driving test--twice--and was thus ineligible for some longshoreman gig in Montreal. Only one thing to do in that case--blame your failure on "racism," "agism" (dude was aged 50) and, for good measure, "nepotism" and see what the "human rights" commissars can do for you. In this instance it seems they couldn't do very much, since the complainant's case was ultimately dismissed. But not before wasting who-the-heck-knows how much time and money barking up this wrong tree. (See, if you belong to a designated "victim" group, you can do that. Otherwise, you have to sue in a real court at your own expense, or else suck it up, accept your failure as one life's little jests, and move on.)

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