Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Day at the Canuckistan Mall

A new pair of Nikes: $159. A single scoop of Laura Secord ice cream in a waffle cone: $3.99. A Guess handbag for spring at The Bay: $175. Having a sharia-compliant credit card in your wallet to pay for it all? Priceless.

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Viking said...

Gee, a prepaid credit card, who'd have thought of that?

Islamic banking is already a joke. "Interest" received is called "profit", while interest paid is called a service fee - both of which are the exact meanings of "interest" anyway!!!
nonetheless, Muslims have to have their own special rules, and Islamic banking is a better deal than "normal" banking, and their investments have consistently outperformed most others.
I recommend everyone to get an Islamic bank account. If you are refused, accuse them of religious discrimination!!