Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ethnic 'Erotica'

SteynOnline links to a story from the Telegraph about "an online sex shop for Muslims has been launched in the Netherlands to tap into a demand for erotica that does not offend Sharia law."

Good grief. I cannot even begin to imagine what sort of "erotica" that might be. On the other hand, years ago I and my spouse were in Amsterdam and saw a video cassette (yes, that's how long ago it was) for sale in a sex shop window called--and I couldn't possibly make this up--"Yiddish Erotica." The sight of which sparked all sorts of speculation. I suggested it showed a fully clothed woman saying, "Put that thing away, Marvin. I'm in no mood." Or maybe, "Oy vey! It's sooo big--you're hung like a kishke."

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