Sunday, April 4, 2010

Harpoon's Hypocrisy

Harpoon Siddiqui, who has absolutely no problemo with the state deploying powers of censorship to stifle "offensive" expression, explains to the Toronto Star's "diversity"-besotted readers that is "hypocritical" to "pick on" niqab-wearers. Further, even if the face shmatta is "a symbol of oppression," betokening the power Islam has granted "the men of the household – father, brother or husband"– over chicks,
Let's assume that it is. Whose business is it to end the practice – that of the state?
To review Harpoon's thinking re state heavy-handedness--the state telling you to put a sock in it (and prosecuting you if you don't): thumbs up. The state telling chicks to remove their face masks, a symbol of oppression, to get a passport photo: thumbs down.

No inconsistency here, folks. Best move along now.

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PhoebeH said...

Exactly. O brave new world...