Friday, April 9, 2010

Here Comes the Child Bride

Islam's founder wed one of his wives when she was only six (he was 54 at the time), but held off consumating the marriage until she was nine. In emulation of his (perfect) example, men in parts of Dar al Islam continue to wed and bed child brides. You'd never know that's the rationale, though, were you to read this Daily Mail report about a 13-year old Yemeni girl who died of "internal injuries" four days after her wedding. The paper ignores the impact of Mo's example and attributes the practice to other factors:
Yemen's gripping poverty plays a role in hindering efforts to stamp out the practice, as poor families find themselves unable to say no to bride-prices in the hundreds of dollars for their daughters.
More than a quarter of Yemen's females marry before age 15, according to a report last year by the Social Affairs Ministry.
Tribal custom also plays a role, including the belief that a young bride can be shaped into an obedient wife, bear more children and be kept away from temptation.
Last month, a group of the country's highest Islamic authorities declared those supporting a ban on child marriages to be apostates.
And why, pray tell, might they be considered apostates? You won't learn the answer here. Poverty; tribal custom: yeah, that's the ticket.

No Mo in this report, folks. Best move along, now.

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Jim R said...

Why do we rarely here of legal pedophilia in the muslim religion from MSM....beginning with their first pope?

Oh never mind. Stupid question.