Friday, April 16, 2010

Kind of a Metaphor, No?

A large, dangerous cloud has settled over the continent of Europe, bringing air travel to a standstill. On the plus side, the sunset is expected to be glorious.

Update: The metaphor gathers steam following this Wahhabi (Arab News) headline.

Update: They just keep on coming. This one is from the Guardian
Volcanic ash--why it's bad for planes
Oo, oo, pick me (raises arm and waves it frantically so as to attract teacher's attention). Is it for the same reason that a jihadi with a plastic bomb strapped to his undercarriage is 'bad for planes'?

Update: Anderson Cooper's contribution:
How volcanos can change the world
You can say that again, Coop.

Update: From CNN International:
No end to volcanic ash in sight

Update: This one's so totally the NYT:

Experts Seek Clues to How Long Eruption Will Go On
Update: Volcanic Ash Won't Give Europe a Break

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