Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Modest Proposal

The National Post's newest opiner Tasha Keiriddin has compiled a purportedly amusing list of candidates who will never be tapped by Stephen Harper to become the next Governor General when Michael Jean's term elapses. Some of the non-starters, according to Tasha: David Suzuki, Don Cherry and Celine Dion.

I dunno. I could easily see Suzuki or Dion in the job--not that they'd be inclined to accept if asked since, though largely ceremonial, it does involve a lot of work. And the pay isn't so hot for anyone in Dion's--or even Suzuki's--tax bracket.

I can think of one person, though, who I'd love to see in the spot: Canada's Queen Censor, Jennifer Lynch. Now, before you start howling that there's no way Jen deserves to be rewarded with the gig, let me explain. If Jen gets kicked up to G-G, she will no longer be Queen of the "human rights" racket, and Harper can use the occasion of her departure from the CHRC to put someone completely innocuous in her place. Better yet, he could use it as an excuse to severly ratchet back the body's powers, thereby laying the groundwork for eventually doing away with it altogether.

And Jen? She'd still get all the perks she enjoyed as Q.C.--shmoozing with the high and mighty, travel to exotic lands, etc.--but she'd effectively be rendered toothless. No more kooky pronouncements about the need for state censorship. No more capacious dossier full of the sassy back-talk of "offensive" free-speechers (with all the naughty bits redacted, should you care to cough up the dough-re-mi to read your file).

Jen for G-G: I'd give it careful consideration if I were you, Mr. Prime Minister.


Kaffir_Kanuck said...

Lynch for GG. My first impression - Shut Your Mouth. My next thought, only if she ate seal meat every day at the Parliamentary Cafeteria, 'cause no one else is.

And sometimes, better the Devil you know, than the Devil you don't.

scaramouche said...

Re the Devil stuff: exactly!