Friday, April 2, 2010

Palestine House 'Charm' Offensive

Supporters of taxpayer-funded Palestine House tell protesters that they'd like to see "another Holocaust."

Your hard earned shekels in action, my friends.

Update: Mark Steyn comments on the lunacy of funding the Jews' enemies and notes that Lenin, for one, would have approved. So, no doubt, would his successors who, let's not forget, gave Yasser Arafat the brilliant idea of reposition his, er, struggle with Israel in Marxist/Leninist terms, the better to attract the sympathy of fellow travelers and other and mush-brained lefties in the West.

Update: Tomorrow night Palestine House is hosting a dinner where the guest of honour is that 'Slamofascist dude from the U.K. who promises to dance in Trafalgar Square if and when the mullahs' nuke scores a direct hit on Israel. And if you can't make that scintillating event, there's always the upcoming celebration for P.H.'s 10th Anniversary:
Mark Your Calendar :
The 10 Anniversary of Palestine House / Alkuds Stores Charity BBQ
Sunday, Julty (sic) 4th, 2010 , Mississauga Valley Park
Yes, that's right. This racket has been sucking at the government teat for an entire decade, and we can see the rotten fruit it has born--Hezbo flags on P.H. flagpoles at anti-Israel "protests," Nazi salutes, and thugs who announce in broad daylight and while a camera is rolling that they think it a good idea to kill dogs and Jews.

If the government isn't prepared to sever ties with these barbarians, can we at least sic PETA on them?

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