Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Pathological Inability to Come Come to Terms With the Jews' Prior Claim to the Land

Oh, those nasty, grasping Jews who diss the one true faith every chance they get. That's more or less the gist of this Islam Online article about Jews "annexing" two historical Islamic sites (I've bolded the money line--the lede buried paragraphs down):
CAIRO — The Israeli occupation authorities have decided to place two historic mosques in the occupied West Bank to a list of alleged Jewish heritage sites, drawing immediate rebuke from Palestinians and Israelis alike.

"This announcement is an act of aggression against the cultural and religious rights of the Palestinian people," Hamdan Taha, director of the Palestinian Tourism Ministry's Antiquities Department, told the independent Maan news agency on Monday, February 22.

Hawkish Israeli Premier Binyamin Netanyahu announced Sunday, February 21, adding Ibrahimi Mosque in Al-Khalil (Hebron) and Bilal Mosque in Bethlehem to a list of 150 so-called Jewish heritage sites that would be renovated to reconnect Israelis to their history.

The two Muslim sites were not included in the original plan which was first presented by Netanyahu on February 3.

But under pressure from right-wing ministers, Netanyahu decided to add the two sites to the plan.

Built in 635 A.D., Ibrahimi Mosque is one of the first Muslim worship places in Palestine.

But Jewish extremists claim the two sites, known to Israelis as the Cave of the Patriachs and Rachel's Tomb, belong to historical Jewish heritage...
What's wrong with those Jews, trying to claim Jewish sites as their own when everyone knows that, under the rules of jihad, once something's gone 'Rab it can never, er, "revert"?

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