Sunday, April 18, 2010

Quelling Quennel's Qualms

According to this report, Saskatchewan's plan to scrap its "human rights" court and have its "handful of cases" adjudicated in a real court "isn't sitting well with the NDP's justice critic":

"If you shut down the tribunal and go to the Court of Queen's Bench," says Frank Quennel, "one of my concerns is that that backlog and delay will just become longer."

That said, Quennel suggests he could be persuaded, but he remains skeptical.
The backlog? If there's only a "handful of cases," how can that result in a "backlog"? As it is, some of these "human rights" cases can drag on for many years, the process, as we know, being part of the punishment for the respondent, who is forced to shoulder his own legal bills. Sounds to me like the querulous Quennel doesn't understand how the racket really operates. If he did, maybe he wouldn't be such a "skeptic." (Then again, he is NDP, so maybe he's incabable of "getting it".)

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