Thursday, April 8, 2010

Remember Seattle

I'd forgotten about this one but it seems timely in light of the Ottawa machete incident. It's a peroration about "hate crimes" targeting Jews by two of Canada's most vociferous proponents of state censorship. Note how, in building a case (they think) for the "human rights" censors and Richard Warman-style hysterics about Nazis and their scary Sharpie markers, the gents mention Pamela Waechter, a leader of the Jewish community in Seattle who was shot dead when a gunman stormed the headquarters of that city's Jewish community organization.

Pamela Waechter, to jog your memory, was murdered by a Muslim.

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paul said...

re: Faber et al (does anyone remember the other Bernie who made-off with the $$$)

Most people aren't aware, but Bernie's main function is to SERVE as the Jewish community's two bit bag-man for the Liberal Party; - which should explain the very strange behavior at the CJC regarding the new reality he and the rest of the Official Jews have created (through their actions AND inactions) for the greater majority of Jewish-Canadians.

FYI: The CJC is primarily funded by Toronto's Jewish elite congregating at the Church on Bathurst (aka Holy Blossom Temple). Which might also explain Toronto Star's resident Official Jew and pseudo-intellectual, Rabbi Dov's supplication to the sanctioned anti-Semitic mandate at the Blue Crescent; -

.... drip, drip drip.