Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Oh, not the fact that another famous 'family guy' would be accused of infidelity; that's a common enough occurrence. That he would be accused of being unfaithful with--gasp!--'a conservative':

They regularly discussed politics and when he learned that Ms. Kelly was a conservative, the famously liberal Springsteen allegedly gave her two books to read, court records say.
Canoodling with a right-winger: is there rehab for that?


PaladinPhil said...

If he was giving her books to read that means he was just trying to convert her to the left. That's it nothing to see here. Move along...

scaramouche said...

Of course he was trying to "convert" her. Doesn't sound like he did, though, or that her politics caused him to have second thoughts about betraying his wife. Maybe he'll end up being the one who gets "converted".