Sunday, May 16, 2010

First We Take the Nazis, Then We Take Berlin

I couldn't resist writing a song for the newest Toronto Police "victim" category--the "sistahs":

Who on Earth is "victimizing" shiksas?
Never thought we'd end up
A hate categ'ry
Along with gays and all Jewry.
Hated, baited,
Even, I suppose, abominated.
When a certain Commissar named Barbara Hall
Called for more "hate," we heard her call.
All kinds of victims will heed the dictums
That claim to lay blame on "racists".
Shiksas may pick 'em
But if you dare kick 'em
You'll make the police "hate" lists.
Those who have known us
Know that there's no need to chaperone us.
Many men (not only Jews) have dated us--
So watch out, boys!
Lord help the mistah
Who's aimin' his "hate" at a shiksa.
And Lord help the shiksa
Who doesn't just only date Goys!


Leonard said...

Great job! And thanks for the link to the original song :)

scaramouche said...

Thanks. And you're welcome.

Ms. Doubt49 said...

I want the CD for that song.. Love it!