Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Barbara Hall's Tick Tock Hypocrisy

The story so far: the bossyboots who sits atop Ontario's "human rights" food chain; who wants to usher in a glorious new era of a discrimination-free province; who wants us to hold our sassy tongues lest we offend someone (the biggest no-no of all in our post-modern, post-Marxist, post-logic Trudeaupia)--that chick was seen hobnobbing with a bunch of zany Shias who think a splenetically Jew-hating ex-KKK gasbag and Iran's godawful Ayatollah (neither of whom is exactly Mr. Human Rights) are peachy-keen. She even accepted a lovely parting gift from the Shias: a clock (which is symbolic of I-don't know-what--your  time is running out, kafirs?).

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. The one below--showing Babs and her garish timepiece--speaks volumes about the big fat dead zone, the amoral void, that's at the heart of our loopy "human rights" racket and the exquisitely sensitive multiculturalists it sustains.

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