Thursday, December 1, 2011

Time to Throw the Babsy Out With the Bathwater?

A Toronto-based lawyer has been hired "to conduct an independent review of the implementation and effectiveness of the amendments to the Human Rights Code"--and, boy, is he ever tickled to be tapped for the job. He says so, right here. I don't know how much we're paying for his services--presumably, they don't come cheap--but I have a way to save us all a lot of time, bother and money. It's easy: take a page from Saskatchewan and and get rid of our local branch of the "human rights" inquisition, yes, lock, stock and Babsy. Having such a body is expensive, oppressive and just plain silly. We need it like we need, say, gibungous, immensely pricey windmills--something else that's a blight on the landscape and that blows.

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