Monday, October 29, 2012

Beach Blanket Benghazi Bingo

Despite Benghazi being a hot bed of hot-headed (and well-armed) jihadis, there are plans afoot to build a luxury hotel there. Daniel Greenfield writes that there are currently a number of establishments in the area, but they aren't exactly Hiltonesque. One, the Uzu Hotel, is
rated by travelers as, “UZU is closed for maintinace” and “Could do with a facelift.” As well as, “Due to instability in the country at the time, the lobby was swarming with men clad in army fatigues” and “the smell is unbelievable – if your balcony faces the lake then just leave!”
Greenfield summarizes the fraught situation--and Benghazi accommodations--with this droll advisory:
Discerning travelers are advised to avoid Benghazi as there is a high risk of being murdered either by Islamist terrorists, bandits or heavy odors– to be followed shortly by the obligatory cover-up.
 The obligatory cover-up smells, too.

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