Thursday, October 18, 2012

Terry Nelson's Spot of Bother--He's Harping on Canada's "Concentration Camps" to Dudes Who Deny the Holocaust (Even as They Plot Another One)

The Calgary Herald's Naomi Lakritz writes apropos a bigot bad-mouthing Canada to die-hard Holocaust-deniers:
In a recent letter to the National Post, [Nelson] complained in part that “the Jewish media” demonize and dehumanize Iranians. And he likens Canada’s policies toward aboriginal people to concentration camps and extermination. Now here’s where he’s going to run into a bit of trouble from his hosts, and perhaps Nelson was so enamoured of his own extremist rhetoric that he didn’t think of this earlier. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his loyal minions aren’t going to believe him. 
They’re Holocaust deniers. They don’t believe there were any concentration camps and they certainly believe there was no extermination. It’s just that pesky Jewish media again, up to their old tricks, insisting that such things really did happen. 
I’m sure Nelson believes the Holocaust happened. That’s why he can throw around phrases like “concentration camps” and “extermination.” But his hosts don’t believe it happened. So, his analogy is going to fall on deaf ears. Gosh, I sure hope his whole trip isn’t spoiled because of it.
Me too. I wouldn't mind too much, though, if he ate some bad kebabs and came down with a serious case of Ahmadinejad's revenge.

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