Thursday, October 18, 2012

OHRT Ruling Reveals Ontario's "Human Rights" System in All Its Orwellian Glory

I'm always amused by those who don't understand the quasi-Marxist nature of our "human rights" system—i.e. that is has been designed to protect the "human rights" not of everyone but of certain designated victim groups—and who therefore believe that they'll get a fair shake should they lodge a "human rights" complaint. Case in point: some Catholics whose feelings had been slighted:
The Ontario Human Rights Tribunal has dismissed a complaint against a women’s studies professor who fought a Catholic volunteerism program at Brock University, saying her anti-Catholic comments were offensive, but not akin to discrimination. 
Although the complainant was treated differently due to his religious beliefs, the tribunal wrote: “I cannot see how the respondent’s comments about him were vexatious, or known or ought reasonably to be known to be unwelcome, no matter how personally offensive and hurtful he found them to be. Accordingly, the respondent’s comments did not amount to substantive discrimination.”...
Silly Catholics. Don't they know that because they aren't Aboriginal, Muslim, female, non-white, LGBT, Jewish and/or physically/mentally challenged, their "feelings" don't count?

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