Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Whose "Taboo" Is It Anyway?

I'm always amused by Jews, including this young fellow, who believe they are breaking some communal taboo by criticizing Israel. Not only has Israel always been on the receiving end of obloquy by some Jews, but on university campuses these days, where Israel is seen as the worst of the worst ("colonialist," "occupier," "apartheid state"), it is a much bigger taboo to criticize those who are critical of the Jewish state. I suppose, though, that the "taboo-breakers," such as the one linked to above, like to think of themselves as mavericks who are defying the fusty and the hidebound within their own community. And no doubt these "taboo-busters" are also seeking the adulation of--or at least acceptance by--the fusty, hidebound majority on campuses, in Lefty-Islamist corridors, and at the UN who, for various reasons, despise Israel and would like to see it disappear.

Hope it works out for you, taboo-dude, but I wouldn't count on it.

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