Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Former Big Deal Official Jew Slams Prime Minister Harper for Engendering Estrangement Between Canadian Jews and Palestinians

The only way "progressive" Jews like the chap quoted below (in an article called "Is Harper the worst prime minister in history?") can deal with the reality of Harper's moral clarity re/unwavering support for Israel is by making stuff up about the supposed harmony that would exist between Canadian Jews and Palestinians but for Harper:
Since Harper became prime minister, Israel has invaded Lebanon – killing up to 1,125 Lebanese (as compared to 159 Israelis) and launched two invasions of the Gaza strip, the first in 2008-’09 that led to 1,434 Palestinian casualties (as compared to 13 Israelis) and then last year, leading to 2,139 Palestinian deaths and 11,000 wounded (as compared to 73 Israeli deaths and 556 wounded).
In 2010, when six Turkish ships set sail for Gaza to deliver 10,000 tonnes of humanitarian aid to relieve Israel’s blockade, Israeli commandos stormed the boats in international waters and killed 10 activists.
Despite international condemnation over what was seen as Israel’s overkill in these instances, the Harper government has consistently rushed to Israel’s defense and been quick to brand Palestinians and their organizations as “terrorists.”
“From my personal point of view, I would have a great deal of respect for Mr. Harper if he had taken a more balanced view in that sphere,” says Bernie Farber, former head of the Canadian Jewish Congress. “To drive wedge issues between the [Jewish and Palestinian] communities is not in my view the way to do politics in this country… We have to find things that bring us together as opposed to driving us apart.”
You mean to say he'd have more respect for Harper were he less pro-Israel and more pro-Palestinian?

From my personal point of view, that kind of thinking--along with the "wedge" folderol--is totally messed up and flipping nuts. 

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