Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Homeland Security Chief Jeh Johnson: "The Numbers In These Reports Never Look Good Out of Context"

Johnson is referring to the most alarming number of all--that, when tested, TSA workers failed to detect bombs and/or weapons a whopping 96% of the time.

It's hard to conceive of a "context" in which that stat would not look so bad and wouldn't constitute an epic fail. (In the "context" of Obama administration "successes," perhaps?)

The failed tests reveal what most of us have known for some time--that, with the exception of what happens in Israel, airport security is mostly a matter of fake security, faux security, security as a theatrical exercise/puppet show sans puppets wherein entirely non-threatenings individuals such as moi are randomly selected for "heightened" screening (you can either be zapped by gamma rays so that every last little naughty bit is revealed on a screen or you can agree to be mauled via an extra-rigorous pat down); in other words, security that is all about optics and going through the motions and that does absolutely nothing--you heard me right, nothing!--to keep anyone safe.

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