Tuesday, June 9, 2015

ISIS Is Selling Girls in a Slave Market for as Little as the Price of Pack of Cigarettes--Where's the Outrage? Where's the UN?

The "rationale" for the enslavement:
Abducting girls has become a key part of the Islamic State strategy to recruit foreign fighters who have been travelling to Iraq and Syria in record numbers over the past 18 months.
“This is how they attract young men — we have women waiting for you, virgins that you can marry,” [UN envoy on sexual violence] Ms Bangura said. “The foreign fighters are the backbone of the fighting.” 
A recent UN report said close to 25,000 foreign fighters from more than 100 countries were ­involved in conflicts worldwide, with the largest influx by far into Syria and Iraq.
The "foreign fighters" motto seems to be: "Think globally, act locally, party like it's 1215":
The envoy likened the jihadists’ abuse of women and girls to “medieval” practices and said ­Islamic State wants “to build a ­society that reflects the 13th century”.
Where's the outrage? Ms. Bangura just went to Europe, to try to drum some up: 
Ms Bangura returned from a tour of European capitals to discuss the plight of women and girls under Islamic State and hopes to address the Security Council soon to discuss what can be done.
Where's the UN? As per usual, it's springing into action with all the haste of a snail:
A UN technical team is due to travel to the region soon to work out details of the plan to help victims of sexual violence.
Swell. I'm sure that must come as immense comfort to the chicks who are being sold, enslaved and raped.

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