Thursday, June 11, 2015

Khomeinists Denied Permit to Hold Their Al Quds Day Bangash at Queen's Park This Year--But I Wouldn't Get Too Excited About It

I found this one, from B'nai Brith Canada, in my e-mail inbox this morning: 
June 10, 2015, TORONTO — After reaching out to Members of Provincial Parliament and gathering almost 3,000 signatures on a petition to stop the yearly ‘Al-Quds Day’ hate-rally, B’nai Brith Canada is proud to announce it has received word that no permit will be issued for this year’s rally.

“Having spoken to and worked with Members of Provincial Parliament, human rights groups from all backgrounds — including the Persian-Canadian community — and hundreds of concerned Canadians across the province, we have learned that no permit will be issued for the annual ‘Al-Quds Day’ hate-rally this year on the grounds of the Ontario legislature,” said Michael Mostyn, CEO, B’nai Brith Canada. “Thousands came together to sign our petition and reach out to the Sergeant-at-Arms and their local MPP to demand that Queen’s Park not be used to promote hate; we thank every one of them for acting on their concerns. I would also like to particularly highlight the efforts of The Honourable Reza Moridi, and MPPs Gila Martow and Mike Colle who worked tirelessly to see a permit for this shameful display of bigotry, celebrating the legacy of the late Ayatollah Khomeini who was responsible for the persecution and death of thousands of his own people based on their gender, race, political ideology, religion and sexual orientation, denied for this year. 

“Although the Sergeant-at-Arms’ decision this year is tied to considerations regarding the Pan Am and Parapan American Games in Toronto, he must go further and take this opportunity to declare that permits for divisive hate-rallies will no longer be issued in the future. The people of this province demand no less. Those who wish to use the grounds of our legislature to promote the hateful propaganda of the Ayatollah, which can only serve to radicalize impressionable Canadian youth to violence, must understand that there is no room for targeting minority groups for hatred in the province of Ontario.”
Two things to mention re this communiqué. First, it is significant that the Sergeant-at-Arms used the pretext of the Pan Am Games, and not the fact that this is a Khomeinist hate rally (a Zionhass-a-palooza), to withhold a permit. On that basis, those who worked so tirelessly should not expect similar consideration in the years ahead, when there's no international sporting event to use as an excuse.

Second, the Khomeinists had their permit revoked in 2013. That didn't stop them from showing up and holding their event in essentially the same location (in the park behind Queen's Park instead of on the grounds in front of the legislature). Despite the "shocking video" that emerged, the event went ahead without a hitch last year.

See, the problem is not with this rally per se. The problem is that, foolishly and shortsightedly, we have allowed so many Jew-hating Khomeinists to move here from Iran and other parts of the Middle East. That means that the "tireless" effort every single fricking year to stop these Bangashes from holding their public hissy fit about the singular object of their derision--Israel--on the grounds of the Ontario legislature is akin to trying to bolt the barn door in Iran after thousands upon thousands of horses have already moved to their new barn in Canada.

In other words, it's pretty much a feckless effort, and très after-the-fact.

Update: A taste of Khomeinist psychopathology--from the Toronto Al Quds Day 2014 Facebook page (there's no 2015 page--so far). Notice how religion enters into it because the event is tied to Islam's fasting month. Notice, too, how the Khomeists want to use it to try to unite the "Ummah"--the entire Muslim community, Shias and Sunnis alike--via their shared revulsion for their common enemy:

It is hard not to cry watching the unfolding horror in Gaza, children with heads blown off, pregnant woman with body torn by a shell, babies with missing limbs, targeting of playing children, targeting hospitals, targeting ambulances, and even a handicap center killing two handicap children.

There are over 150,000 Muslims living in GTA, however, in a number of protests, unfortunately the number of non-Muslims outnumbered the Muslims. Even if half of the Muslims living in the GTA participate in this legal and peaceful rally with their friends and family members, it would put enormous pressure on th...e government to change its pro-Israel stance.

Please do not stay at home on Saturday and come out in large numbers. Participating in this legal and peaceful rally is the least we can do to stand in solidarity with the brutally oppressed civilians living in the concentration camp called Gaza.

Say NO to this grave injustice and be a part of the tens of millions in the Ummah raising their voice for the voiceless.

We gather at Queens Park and march to US Consulate at 360 University Avenue.

We ask you to invite all your family and friends to take a stand against oppression...
To be clear, they're being called upon to stand against faux-oppression in Israel (really, to stand against the fact that there is an Israel), not the genuine oppression in Iran and most other lands, not one of 'em Jewish, in the region.

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