Friday, June 5, 2015

Montreal Mosque That Calls for Killing Apostates, Stoning Adulterers and--Hello, Lefty!--Chopping Off a Thief's Hand Is--Wait For It--A Registered Canadian Charity

Think of it as "tax-deductible sharia."

Update: According to Reuters, this registered Canadian charity/mosque "is the only one in North America on a classified Pentagon list of nine mosques where al Qaeda members had recruited, helped or trained."

That means you can think of it as "tax-deductible jihad," too.

Update: Justin Trudeau--motto: "FAIRNESS"--visited the mosque last year, touching off a controversy unpacked here.

Update: More CRA info about the mosque, this time detailing the moolah folks are donating to it.

Update: OMG--the mosque made it into a 2011 book called The Al Qaeda Factor (see pp. 57-59 for the shocking and outrageous details). What's equally shocking and outrageous is how the mosque has managed to retain its charitable status despite its obviously problematic/jihadist nature.

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