Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Obama and the Castro Bros In Synch Re Support for "Palestine"

Obama may have scrubbed Cuba from the official list of state sponsors of terrorism, but according to a '14 article by Rachel Ehrenfeld, no amount of scrubbing "would be able to mask the stench of Cuba’s involvement in anti-American, anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian, anti-Semitic propaganda, and support of global terrorism."

How so? Let her count the ways:
During and after the Gaza War, Cuba lost no time in reiterating its long-standing support for armed aggression by the Palestinians against Israel.  Most outrageous was the speech given at the UN by the Cuban representative on September 5, which should be watched by our readers. 
This was preceded by Fidel Castro’s lead in signing an August 10 manifesto from international left-wing “dignitaries” supporting Palestine, which demanded that Israel withdraw from “Gaza, the West Bank, and East Jerusalem.” 
Castro also slammed what he called “Gaza genocide” in the operation, terming Israel “a nuclear power that is at once sophisticated and irresponsible.” 
Israel is frequently reviled by the Latin American left with Cuba in the lead. During the Gaza War with Hamas, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Peru and El Salvador recalled their ambassadors to Israel for consultations, and Bolivia placed Israel on a list of “terrorist states”. On September 2014, Cuba sent six tons of drugs and medical supplies to Hamas in Gaza, and said it was willing to receive Palestinians injured during the fighting. 
Pro-Palestinian and anti-Israeli demonstrations have been commonplace in Cuba. For example, in January 2014 a “political and cultural event” organized by the embassy of Palestine and the Arab Union of Cuba commemorating the launch of Palestinian armed struggle against Israel in 1965, founded by Yasser Arafat through the establishment of Fatah.  In short, Cuba has long been a supporter of armed struggle against Israel, treating the Palestinian cause as anti-colonial like communist Castro’s own.
No wonder Obama had no problemo removing 'em from the list. When it comes to "anti-colonialism" and the Palestinian cause, Harvard's Obama and Havana's Castros have long been mui simpatico

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