Thursday, June 11, 2015

Obama's Latest "Jew Woo" Scheme Not Working?

Balderdash! He still has the support of 56% of American Jewry which, given his marked animus toward Israel along with his determination to sign a nuke deal with Iran no matter what, is a staggeringly high number.

My song for the "Jew woo":

Jew woo,
It sees him standing in shul
And blithely pulling the wool
Over the stupid Jews' eyes.

Jew woo,
Can't see the point of his trying
When all he's doing is lying
And trying out alibis.

And then there suddenly appeared before them
An Ayatollah with nukes of his own.
And it's thanks to the man they all worship.
How pathetic he's tossed 'em a bone.

Jew woo,
Can't bear his prevarication
Although it's sweeping the nation
And nuke causation is too.

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