Monday, June 8, 2015

Palestine House Accuses "GDL" of Being "Recists"

Found this stuff, which manages to be simultaneously alarming and amusing, on the redesigned PH website (the hiccupping "sics" are mine):
Palestine House in recent days  
Many people have been trying to couse (sic) problems to Palestine House without any success. They wrote recists (sic) slogans and they tried to attack the House. The active members of Palestine House along with the good Palestinians stoped (sic) all of such actions. GDL (sic) (Jewish Defense Leage (sic)) were among those who have been trying to harm Palestine House. These pictures show that in realty.

Is the "recist" "GDL" really responsible for this graffiti? I have no idea. I do know, however, that when the "recists" showed up to protest something at PH ago several years ago, some PH denizens called for another Holocaust and/or tossed coins at the Jews--like that's not "recist."

Here's a video of the contretemps (filmed by BCF) that, for obvious reasons, is not posted on the PH site:

Also for obvious reasons, the PH Jew-loathers give props to local cops for helping them out:
Important Notice  
First of all, we would like to give a special thanks to Mississauga Police for thier (sic) great work that kept these people away from our House. Secondly, we are posting these pictures just to show thier (sic) nature and NOT to promote them in any way.
You can view the pics in question here. (The above disclaimer about not promoting them is pretty funny, don't you think? Was PH really worried that without it people would think PH was high-fiving the photos?)

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