Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Steyn Trumps the NYT's Non-"Gotcha" on Rubio With a "Driving Miss Hillary" Gotcha

The lefties over at the Grey Lady tried to sink Rubio's candidacy by reporting that he received four--count 'em, four--speeding tickets (two of which were thrown out) over the course of two decades. (The paper tried to hype it into a "scandal," even though it ain't exactly a Chappaquiddick, by including Mrs. Rubio's speeding tickets--she had a lot more of 'em--in the article.) Guest-hosting for Rush Limbaugh, Steyn pointed to the Times's egregious double standard re presidential candidates in cars:
He explains how Clinton’s limo driver, back in 2001, in what he calls a ‘driving Miss Hillary’ situation, crashed through an airport security fence at 35mph with her in the back, injuring a police officer and only stopping because the police officer needed medical treatment.
Unless it's a 'driving Mr. Marco' or a 'driving Mr. Jeb' situation, the Times isn't interested.

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