Friday, March 31, 2017

Justin Trudeau Fails to Follow Through on Promise to Bring Jihadi Beheaders of Canadians to Justice

Anyone really surprised by this?:
After learning last April that John Ridsdel had been beheaded in the Philippines by members of Abu Sayyaf, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Canada would "work with international allies to bring those responsible to justice, however long it takes."

RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson echoed this, saying the Mounties were working with authorities in the Philippines. 
But during a trip to Manila this month, CBC spoke with people who monitor Abu Sayyaf and none of them had seen a Canadian presence on the ground trying to find the people who killed Ridsdel and Robert Hall. 
Lee Humphrey, a Canadian international security consultant who recently met with Filipino military, police and intelligence agents, said he hadn't seen any proof either of a concerted Canadian investigation. 
"I asked each and every one of them if they'd come in contact with any Canadian officials since the killings, and none had," Humphrey told CBC. 
"They had no reason to lie or cover up any covert effort by Canada to investigate the killings of John and Robert. I do not believe there was ever any investigation nor any attempt to investigate the killings."...
To be fair to young Justin, he's been really busy spending our dough and posing for selfiies.

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