Monday, April 5, 2010

DHS Pays Lip Service to 'Resilience'

The Department of Homeland Security is looking into "resilence"--what makes a community resilient when disaster strikes; what endows individuals with the wherewithal, or psychological resilience, to withstand such crises.

Rather ironic that, since what gives people psychological resilience is the belief that they can stand on their own two feet, and don't have to wait around for some official to bail them out or tell them what to do. (Also, a belief in God helps, enabling one to put life's vicissitudes into perspective.) But, whadya know?, that's precisely the kind of resilience that the Obama administration is most determined to snuff out as it makes people e'er more psychologically dependent on the nanny state.

You want people to be more "resilent," Janet? Get rid of ObamaCare and most if not all of Obama's "brilliant" measures that have ensured dependence and hobbled the populace with a staggering debt.

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