Monday, April 5, 2010

Former PFLP Member/Wafa Sultan-Basher Calls Upon Jews to Denounce Israeli Rabbis

Once again displaying his true colours (for anyone who cares to look), Tarek Fatah thinks it would be a good idea for Jews in Israel and the Diaspora to "denounce these Rabbis."

Why the heck should we, Tarek, since their notion that the Jewish tie to the land of Israel is an ancient, biblical one and that "land for peace" doesn't work is more or less correct?

Fatah elaborates:
God may or may not have promised Israel to the Jews, but the UN General Assembly did by a two-thirds margin. My apologies to God, but while he is away on what seems to be a long term leave of absence to some other galaxy, I would rather place my trust in international law rather then the Bible or the Quran that both validate Jewish presence in the 'holy land'.

Having said that, there is also no excuse for the continued occupation of Palestinian territories by Israel. We need to settle disputes without having to go 'Biblical' or 'Quranic'. Unless God wants to come down to earth and sort out his mess himself, I would keep him out of this equation. He has had a good 3,000 years to resolve the issue, but instead of doing so, all he does is send one messenger after another, with holy books, when what we require is a set of clearly defined maps. If God 'Almighty' does not have the services of a good map designer or cartographer, and if he is reading my post on FB, I refer him to this IBM applaiction (sic) dedicated to map development.... See More

Dear God, for heaven's sake, sort out the maps instead of lecturing us on how to distinguish between kosher meals and. halal dinners. You need to do something about your priorities. And while you are at it, can you explain why all your franchise holders are so ugly?
Here's a map for you, Tarek, one showing the puny size of Israel as compared to the vastness that is Dar al Islam. Kind of silly to talk about Israel's "occupation" in the face of such compelling cartography, don't you think?

One might have pegged Fatah's comments as a Richard Dawkins/Christopher Hitchens-type tirade were it not for the fact that Fatah had that very public melt down when an ex-Muslima dared to divulge some historical truths about Islam's founder to a crowd of Jews. I suppose he thinks he's being consistent because he's as much against Islamic law and as he is against Jewish law in Israel, but really, his Sultan tantrum has revealed him once and for all for who he really is: a Marxist Muslim who has no desire to live under sharia law, but who otherwise remains a true believer, and who for both Islamic and Marxist reasons is unable to come to terms with the reality of a thriving Jewish state on land claimed in perpetuity for Islam.


Kaffir_Kanuck said...

Tarek has lost a lot of weight lately. Perhaps some of his brain has shrunk in the process.

Rochelle said...

No so-called "moderate" Muslim wants the Kafir to check up on his holy book. They don't want us to know that Jerusalem is not mentioned once and neither are the so-called "palestinian"

Fatah (tarek) expects us to be outraged and believe me, we are...outraged that his MULLAHS don't rip the hate and intolerance out of their holy? KORAN !

Rochelle Michaels

Josephine said...

Very interesting, Scaramouche. Thank you.