Thursday, April 1, 2010

Guys and Jihadis

The theme song:  

When you see a lunk
Plant a bomb near his junk
You can bet that he's doin' it for jihad.
When you spot a cat howlin' 'bout a cartoon
Chances are he's a loon who's over the moon
For holy war soon.
When you hear Hamas make a helluva fuss
Because Jews say some rockets are really bad.
Call 'em nuts, call 'em zany.
Ah, but that doesn't quite explainey
That those guys really doin' it for jihad.
When you see a Mo raisin' all kinds of dough
You can bet some'll go to fight the jihad.
When a lad runs off to Waziristan
It's all part of a scam to do what he can
To further the plan.
When you meet a dink lately out of the clink
And he hopes to join "friends" in Islamabad.
Say it beggars believin'
But the odds are just about even
That the guy's only doin' it for jihad.
When you hear a prig say a Jew's like a pig
It's a cinch that he's diggin' the big jihad.
When he shaves down where no chick's even been
You'd be wise to assume that he wants to groom
For a sky-high virgin.
When a swarthy swain learns to pilot a plane

But then landing's a lesson he's never had.
Call it dumb, call it clever
Ah, but you can lay odds forever
That the guy's only doin' it for jihad, jihad.
The guy's only doin' it for jihad.


Jim R said...

You've got to go on the road Scaramouche.

scaramouche said...

Hey, Jim R--there was some freaky glitch that wiped out your most recent comments. Sorry about that.