Thursday, April 1, 2010

Naif at the Helm

John Bolton sez re Obama's "naive" (Bolton's word) belief that sanctions will halt the Ayatollah's nuclear project:
"This additional round of sanctions will have no material impact"...

“The test is, can you pass a sanctions resolution that will stop Iran from continuing to pursue nuclear weapons, and the unambiguous answer is no"...

“This continued talk about sanctions is counterproductive because it gives people the kind of a warm and fuzzy and comfortable feeling that we're doing something when in reality we're not."

"We're way, way behind the curve. Iran is much further along in getting nuclear weapons

"We had 14 months of a naive and inexperience president. I just worry that the administration at bottom thinks it can deal with Iran. That's a fantasy."
My fantasy would see Bolton in the White House instead of Obama.

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