Thursday, April 15, 2010

NOW's Vox Populi Blast Cole's Undisguised Nonsense

When last we heard from NOW Magazine's Susan G. Cole, purveyor par excellence of Trudeaupian sophistries, she was labouring to make the case that the niqab/burqa were the innocuous equivalents of Botox/plastic surgery. Two NOW readers, uppity kafirs the both of them, have the effrontery to tell her she's full of crap.

Letter-writer number one, David Palter, notes that while
there has been no crime wave in Quebec perpetrated by women with hidden faces...veiled women were responsible for a subway bombing in Moscow, so I wouldn’t assume that such women are necessarily harmless either.
Letter-writer number two, Ruben Valletta, calls Susan's comparison "specious claptrap." He points out the "fundamental difference" between getting be-burqa'd and getting a facelift, i.e. that

women in North America who choose not to get plasticized don’t often get stoned to death for it.
Indeed. Although seeing the freakish results of some of that surgery, one may well have to suppress the urge to throw something.


Josephine said...

Made me look!

smartygran said...

The 'cat lady' Jocelyn Wildenstein is the winner of the 'plastic derby' by far.