Thursday, March 31, 2011

Arab Spring Fever--Who is Afficted and Who is Immune

The giddiness engendered by the "Arab Spring" has infected everyone from Thomas L. Friedman on the left (he's awaiting--any day, mind you--the appearance of Arab Nelson Mandelas, little realizing in his delusional state that Moshiach will likely show up sooner than an Arab Mandela does) to William Kristol on the right.

Diana West takes note of the great chasm that has now developed. Not a left-right one. An "Arab Spring rocks!"/the "Arab Spring thing is a figment of your hyped-up wishful thinking" one:
There is a new divide by which we define ourselves: Those who suck in the acrid smell of jihad in the Middle East, pronounce their hallucinations "Arab Spring," crave more ... and those who don't. Among those of us who "just say no" to this nowhere trip, it should be noted, are those who take their sharia seriously, and see its extension as the lingering and insidious side effect, the one that take us down when the vapors are no more.
The Fox News commentariat is where you find the highest and most persistent rate of "Arab Spring" abuse, as Andy McCarthy notes here, Fred Grandy here, but its use is widespread and indiscriminate because it enables users to see the world as they want to see it. On the conservative side of the spectrum, one dose of "Arab Spring" and the "Bush freedom agenda" looks like a brilliantly red, white and blue success, not the bleak, endless nightmare that it is.

Melanie Phillips weighs in today (via Ruthfully Yours) on the appropriately outraged side of Political Temperance. She concludes that the West has made itself "an open goal for its enemies," and pronounces herself "[gaping] in stunned amazement at the extent of the idiocy being displayed by the leaders of America, Britain and Europe over the `Arab Spring' -- which should surely be renamed `the Arab Boomerang.' "

Boomerang is right. Among the cautionary lore supporting the skeptics is the boomerang effect of empowering active jihadist groups, which, first and foremost, will strike at the tip of the spear against the jihad, Israel. The other beneficiary is the jihadist state of Iran.
Let's see: in the throes of Arab Spring fever, kafirs have now placed themselves in the position of taking their marching order from the Arab League in order to bolster "rebels," more than a few of whom are aligned with Al Qaeda. Meanwhile, the powers in Iran, which kafirs didn't dare lay a hand on during its "troubles," stand at the sidelines, laughing their heads of at our astounding imbecility, knowing that when the dust settles, they will be more powerful than ever.

That's "smart guy" Obama's foreign policy--maddening, incoherent, suicidal, full-on insane. And the climate change of "Arab Spring"? It's fast devolving into a very long, very cold, Arab Winter.

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