Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Be Afwaid. Be Vewy, Vewy Afwaid

Here's a selection from Kiss My Tuches, the musical version of Shakespeare's The Taming of the Jew:

The Aryans that appear today
Don't inspire the same fear today.
So to raise a spectre that's quite ersatz
Show pics of dudes with swastika tats.
But the guys who scare the best,
Who can fill the fear cornucopia
Are three guys who keep tabs
On Nazis in the Trudeaupia.

Brush up you scarers,
Quote all that they spout.
Brush up your scarers
And you'll soon be all freaked out.
Just declaim lines from Warren Kinsella,
And insist he's a hellava fella.
If B. Farber alarms 'bout grafitti,
Don't ignore him and say, "Please chill, sweetie."
If you hear a "heads up" from from Dick Warman
Trust him 'cause off to Stormfront he's stormin'.
Brush up your scarers
And get all freaked out.

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