Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It Depends on What the Meaning of "Reformer" Is

Hillary Clinton calling Boy Assad a "reformer" (what's she been smoking--and inhaling?) inspired this one:

See the way he mows down the crowd.
Watch the way no protest's allowed.
My, he thinks he's really hot
When Syrians are getting shot.
He's my despot.

When he scolds my land, I just swoon
'Cause his charm is like a typhoon.
Why do they think he's the bloke
Who gets away with blowin' smoke?
And just because of that I say:

He's a reformer and he'll always, always be really good.
He's a reformer and he
Always, always does what he should.
But just because he is in fact like every other despot
That's no reason why I can't pretend that he's not.
He's always good to me,
And he isn't Gaddafi.
'Cause he's a reformer, yes, yes, yes.
He's a reformer, yes, yes, yes, to me...

Update: Claudia Rosett writes re Hillary's "reformer" bollocks:
If Pres. Barack Obama prefers not to intervene on behalf of the protesters being slaughtered in Syria, the least his administration could do is refrain from endorsing their tyrant. In Obama’s speech Monday night about America’s interest in defending Libyans and standing alongside other freedom-seekers of the Arab world, Syria didn’t even rate a mention. That discussion was handled Sunday in remarks by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, speaking on CBS’s Face the Nation. Not only did Clinton nix any thoughts of action on Syria, she ran interference for Syria’s murderous president, Bashar Assad, saying: “Many of the members of Congress of both parties who have gone to Syria in recent months have said they believe he’s a reformer.”
Such deference to U.S. lawmakers was absent from Obama’s decision to go to war in Libya; the president sought a resolution from the United Nations, but not from Congress. But if Congress is now back in the loop, with some members singing the praises of Assad, clearly the State Department needs to do a much better job of briefing them on the realities...
Expecting the State Department to set Obama straight on "the realities" is a bit unrealisitic, no?

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