Thursday, March 24, 2011

'Human Rights' Mausoleum Structually Unsound

In the wake of a poll showing that most Canadians favour genocide equity (what a concept!) at the "human rights" mausoleum--a poll commissioned by Ukrainians who want their Holodomor to get the same amount of exhibit space Jews and Aboriginals are getting--an editorial in the Winnipeg Free Press calls the Ukrainians "parochial" and sides with the Jews.

Yay, us. In the Holocaust v. Holodomor cage match, it's Jews: 1; Ukrainians: 0.

What riles me isn't the poll or the Ukrainians. It's being put in a position (because of the Asper family's well-intentioned but imbecilic vanity project) of having to engage in such a tussle; having to argue that my mass atrocity (the Holocaust) is better (i.e. worse) than your mass atrocity (the mass starvation perpetrated by Stalin). And we're engaging in this "debate" (if you can even call it that) because of the mausoleum and how it has been structured, with two groups getting large, permanent galleries, and everyone else being consigned to the miscellaneous category (the "Mass Atrocity zone").

I wish Izzy Asper's dream had been different--something that was better thought through, and that didn't pit one ethnic group against another. As currently structured, the mausoleum is, as they say, bad for the Jews, bad for Holocaust memorial and bad for human rights (real ones, not the fake ones of the UN and our domestic "human rights" racket).

I'd go even further and say that what's going up in Winnipeg, with its "human rights" squishiness and "Mass Atrocity zone," amounts to genocide porn. As such, this obscene mausoleum insults the memory of Holocaust victims who were killed for one reason and one reason only: because they were Jews.

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