Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ceeb Eases the Way for an Iggy-Led 'Coalition'

Michael Ignatieff's polling numbers can only be described as woeful, so why does he seem so pleased that the country is being dragged kicking and screaming into another election (our 4th in seven years)? It's because he knows that if the Harper Tories are unable to achieve a majority, he and the other two opposition parties can get together and rule as a coalition. And to help pave the way for such an eventuality, the Ceeb assures us that it is well within our tradition, and makes it sound as though it's something to be desired--a matter of "co-operation":
Opting to Co-operate
There is a third option: a formal coalition, like the one that's governing Great Britain right now. David Cameron's Conservative Party beat Gordon Brown's Labour Party in the May 2010 general election, but fell short of a majority.
Brown negotiated with the third-largest party — the Liberal Democrats — to secure their support as he tried to remain in power. Those talks failed.

Cameron's talks were successful. He negotiated a deal with Nick Clegg — the leader of the Liberal Democrats — that led to Britain's first coalition government since the Second World War.

That deal saw Clegg win the post of Deputy Prime Minister. Four other members of his party were appointed to cabinet. While it is a Conservative government, the Liberal Democrats are a formal part of the government and have a say in the legislative agenda.

Canada has no roadmap when it comes to how to form a coalition government. The Westminster system, which relies heavily on tradition and unwritten rules, doesn't spell out rules on forming coalition governments. But it clearly allows them...
If Iggy and the boys try to go against the will of the Canadian people in this way (their second attempt to do so), I predict there will be hell--and then some--to pay.

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