Monday, March 28, 2011

A 'Good' Jew

Stanley Greenspoon of North Vancouver is "offended" by the suggestion that Jews would be persuaded to vote for Stephen Harper merely because of his unswerving and singular support for Israel, and writes to the Globe and Mail to tell it so:
Jewish surprise
Jeffrey Simpson (Pedalling Furiously, Going Nowhere – March 25) says “the conservative forces have large elements of evangelical Christian groups on board and, courtesy of the Harper government's Israeli policy, the Jewish community.” I'm quite certain that many fellow Jews were as surprised as I was to read such a statement, which seems to portray the “Jewish community” as a homogeneous group that has swung to the Conservative Party.

And I find the suggestion that our political positions as committed Canadians are determined by the government's position on a single foreign policy issue to be offensive.
Stanley is obviously one of those "progressive" Jews who thinks his "political positions" will preclude his having to ride in the cattle car (with us "Ostjuden") come the next Shoah. And how silly is Jeffrey Simpson? Doesn't he know that most Jews hold "political positions" such that they vote Liberal or Democrat no matter what?

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Carlos Perera said...

Maybe Mr. Greenspoon is hoping to be "Aryanized" (or, perhaps, "Muslimized") after Canada switches from the _dar al-harb_ to the _dar al-islam_. Incredibly, this actually was a legal proceeding in Germany, during the _Nazizeit_, by which Jews could shed their legal disabilities and become officially Aryan.

A fascinating book, _Hitler's Jewish Soldiers_, by Bryan Mark Rigg, details how it was done; apparently, a significant number of German Jews were Aryanized, and served in the Nazi military, as the title of the book denotes. My favorite story from the book deals with the infamous SS _Signal_ magazine choosing a Private Goldberg from an army unit as having the most Aryan appearance from among his comrades . . . I probably need not tell you, if you have read this far, that Private Goldberg was an Aryanized Jew. Perhaps Mr. Greenspoon can grow out his beard and become a latter-day Private Goldberg!