Thursday, March 24, 2011

Taken Aback By the Plaque Attack

The Ceej honcho tweets that he's
Waiting to present before Senate on Holocaust monument bill
Let's see: in recent weeks the Ceej has been the driving force behind that shiny wheely-thing monument over in Halifax and a new plaque commemorating "the CJC's historic role." If approved, this Holocaust monument would add up to a Ceej memorial marker trifecta.

Whassup with all this frantic memorializing? Does the Ceej want us to think that the group with the most plaques/monuments wins? Or, more likely, does it want us to think that it's really busy doing very important things for Canadian Jews--things like, er, getting us new plaques--so that we will clamour for it to stick around and not get lost in a proposed restructuring?

A bit of the former and a lot of the latter, I think.

Update: Kathy she a funny, funny girl.


shayna maidel said...

If only our friends in the Conservative party would stop heaping honours on CJC. Why the heck would it do that? Farber gets to address the Senate on a Tory Bill to honour Holocaust survivors (terrible)...CJC is honoured by Peter Kent (also a Tory) for its service to Canada and Canadian Jewry (how awful!!); Jason Kenney (a Tory to methinks) works with CJC to have a monument built to memorialize the St. Louis (terrible terrible!!!)and what's this I read in the CJN that Julian Fantiono (a recent Tory) credits Faber for helping the community get a $15million infrastructure grant?

Ya the CJC has got to go

scaramouche said...

You're right. Let's keep it around just it gets us such good "stuff" (plaques and memorials and memorials and plaques and, oh yeah, money for Jewish "infrastructure"). But, really, does this stuff keep us safer in any way? No, it does not. But it does buff up the Ceej's C.V. at just the right time--when higher powers are threatening to do it in. If you told me had had an epiphany about state censorship, multiculturalism and our ludicrous human rights apparatus--it's being bad, not good, I mean--then I would say the Ceej is worth preserving. This plaque stuff is silly grandstanding and, as Shania says, that don't impress me much.

Paul said...

... very nice Faber can take credit for a few goodies from the government.

Fact is it's more than a day late and many dollars short.

And fact is, Faber and the Board supporting his self-serving junk-science political theory of multi-culturalism, his agenda of crusading against Canadian's fundamental right to free speech and his active embrace for the likes of the anti-Semitic CIC, to be sure, make him / them a matter of total scorn.

He and the Board alone are responsible for their loss of support from the Jewish community at large. And indeed, it's a shame that an organization that once was represented by the likes of the great Sam Bronfman, has fallen into disgrace by such an inept and effete individual.

Unknown said...

Boy that's a lot of plaques.