Friday, March 25, 2011

"I’m absolutely convinced that Islamists have penetrated the Toronto police force exactly the way they did the London (England) police force"

Tarek Fatah receives a death threat; Toronto police tell him to chill.

Silly Tarek. Doesn't he know the drill is: juvvie scrawls a swastika on a driveway, the law comes down on him fast and hard; Muslim utters hate/a death threat, gets second,  third chance before decamping completely, never to return?

That's how it works in our multiculti wonderland--we "build bridges" and suck up to testy Muslims and don't make waves.

Why not ask just ask the government to give you a plaque? Authorities seem very forthcoming with those.

Update: In the "chilling" Jewish Trib story by Joanne Hill, police claim that when Fatah lodged his complaint, a Muslim officer just happened to be on the desk to take it. Pure coincidence. Sheer happenstance. What are the odds, eh? But guess what? Fatah was raising alarms about the infiltration two years ago. Back then he said:
When a Muslim complains to Toronto police about death threats to a “good-looking Muslim” (Fatah’s amusing way of describing Muslims such as Mansur and himself who embrace modernism and reject sharia as the basis for state jurisprudence), the police will dispatch two burly Muslim police officers. These gentlemen will warn the complainer to button it, lest he rile up restive Muslims. Should the complainer fail to comply, he, and not those lobbing the death threats, will face arrest.
Doesn't sound to me like Fatah's recent experience was a coincidence or the luck (bad luck) of the draw. Sounds like siccing Muslim cops on "good-looking" Muslims is pretty much business as usual. Question is: what are we prepared to do about it?

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