Friday, December 2, 2011

TDSB Chief Re-Elected

The egregious dhimmi who thinks transforming a public school cafeteria into a Saudi-style house of worship is a sign of our niceness/willingness to "accommodate" newcomers has been given another chance to put his suicidal philosophy into practice:
Toronto District School Board trustees appointed Chris Bolton as chairman for a second one-year term Thursday, while handing the No. 2 spot to a relative newcomer.
Bolton, who has served as trustee for Ward 10 (Trinity-Spadina) since 2003, said his re-election signalled that he and the board clearly had the interests of the students in mind.
"I am honoured and humbled that my colleagues on the Toronto District School Board have chosen me to lead them for another year," he said in a release. "I believe that, by giving me a second term as chair, the board is signalling our collective determination to keep the needs of students and their families at the centre of every decision we make."
Bolton, who is an advocate of equity and inclusion, vowed to continue to be a strong advocate for that cause...
Swell. To paraphrase the late Sam Goldwyn, "Inclusion me out."

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