Friday, March 4, 2011

Accepting Moolah from the Colonel Causes Academic Head to Roll

Call it collateral damage from Gadaffi's downfall. From the Daily Mail:
Sir Howard Davies paid the price last night for the London School of Economics’ controversial financial links with Libya.
He dramatically resigned as director of the LSE council after it met in emergency session.

The university announced that former Lord Chief Justice Lord Woolf will conduct an independent inquiry into the university’s link with the Gaddafi regime.

The LSE has been heavily criticised over a £1.5million donation by Gaddafi’s son Saif, which was made a year after he was awarded a PhD by the prestigious institution. There have been allegations that Saif’s work was the result of plagiarism.

Last night the university revealed that it had also signed a £2.2million contract with Libya to train its civil service and had already received £1.5million of that from the dictator’s regime.

Lord Woolf will now investigate all the LSE’s dealings with Libya and Saif Gaddafi’s PhD...
Very nice. But maybe he should broaden the investigation and examine how money from other oily Arab nations has corrupted this and other infidel institutions of "higher" (ha!) learning. Also--is LSE planning to donate the Colonel's money to charity a la Beyonce, Mariah Carey and Nelly Furtado?

Just think--if the revolt in Libya hadn't happened, the LSE and the A-list entertainers who whored themselves for a big, fat Gadaffi payday would have been able to hold their heads high and pocket the loot. Bummer, huh?

Update: Plenty of other august academic institutions have also been sullied because they took money from the Colonel Dress-Up.

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