Monday, March 21, 2011

Dalton McGuinty's Happy Dappy Sappy Talk

The government of Ontario just upped its contribution to the Toronto Pride parade, no strings attached. Remember that as you read Premier Dalton McGuinty's response to a direct question (from a Shalom Life reporter) about the presence in that event of Big Liars:
Asked for his thoughts about anti-Israeli groups participating in festivals that receive provincial funding, such as was the case at Toronto’s Gay Pride Parade last summer, Premier McGuinty is clear.
“Ontario is successful because of its diversity and cultural richness,” he explains. “We all agree that racism has no place here. Tolerance, respect and understanding are values that have always defined our province. That’s why we need to work continually to promote understanding. That being said, we can’t permit racial intolerance or discrimination of any sort. An attack on one of our citizens is an attack on all of us. That is why we’ve invested $1.35 million in 23 projects to help bring together communities targeted by hate crimes, increase awareness and encourage communities to develop ways to address hate crimes and the needs of victims. We know there is always more to be done, and we will continue to work with our community partners to help ensure that all Ontarians can live free from hate, intolerance, and discrimination.”
Sorry, I 'm a bit confused, Mr. Premier. Are you saying that Queers Against Israeli Apartheid marching in Pride is part of the "tolerance" or part of the "hate"?

Just kidding. I know that since your head is chock full of nothing more than squish, fluff, insipid banalities and platitudinous cliches ("diversity," "tolerance," "cultural richness"--gag me with a trillium), you are incapable of answering that--or any other--direct query.

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