Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dehumanization of Jews Is Deja-Vu All Over Again

Brett Stephens in the Wall Street Journal makes note of how certain Zion-loathers are inclined to see Jewish "settlers" as being less than human:
A few years ago, British poet and Oxford don Tom Paulin offered a view on what should be done to certain Jewish settlers. "[They] should be shot dead," he told Al-Ahram Weekly. "I think they are Nazis, racists. I feel nothing but hatred for them." As for Israel itself, it was, he said, "an historical obscenity."
 Last Friday, apparently one or more members of the Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade, the terrorist wing of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas's "moderate" Fatah party, broke into the West Bank home of Udi and Ruth Fogel. The Jewish couple were stabbed to death along with their 11-year-old son Yoav, their 4-year-old son Elad and their 3-month-old daughter Hadas. Photographs taken after the murders and posted online show a literal bloodbath. Is Mr. Paulin satisfied now?

Unquestionably pleased are residents of the Palestinian town of Rafah in the Gaza Strip, who "hit the streets Saturday to celebrate the terror attack" and "handed out candy and sweets," according to the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth. The paper quoted one Rafah resident saying the massacre was "a natural response to the harm settlers inflict on the Palestinian residents in the West Bank." Just what kind of society thinks it's "natural" to slit the throats of children in their beds?

The answer: The same society that has named summer camps, soccer tournaments and a public square in Ramallah after Dalal Mughrabi, a Palestinian woman who in March 1978 killed an American photographer and hijacked a pair of Israeli buses, leading to the slaughter of 37 Israeli civilians, 13 children among them.

I have a feeling that years from now Palestinians will look back and wonder: How did we allow ourselves to become that?...
Not me. I have a feeling that, given the Palestinians' Zionhass and genocidal M.O., that's never going to happen.

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Carlos Perera said...

Well, it _might_ happen, if they are subjected to the same sort of attitude adjustment that Nazi Germany and irredentist Japan were. Alas, we--the West--seem to have lost the sort of civilizational confidence, down to the fundamental instinct of self-preservation, that made the crushing of our World War II enemies possible. (Interesting, is it not, how their hearts and minds were utterly won over by their total defeat?)

Maybe enough of that instinct has survived in the West's most exposed outpost, Israel, to allow a Churchillian response to the enemy's incursions. Pray that, come 2012, a true friend of Israel will once again occupy the American White House. I fear that even the best efforts of the brave young men and women of the IDF will not avail without a strong American ally to back them. (Especially as even Israel now has to contend with a seditious Fifth Column in its midst.)