Thursday, March 3, 2011

Does 'Human Rights' Turn Everything to Crap?

UN-style "human rights," that is. The "human rights" of a "human rights" industry that obsesses endlessly about Israel's purported paucity of rights while fawning over Israel's despotic/psychotic enemies. The "human rights" of NGO Human Rights Watch, which for years has trampled all over the Jews' state and espied glimmers of "progress" in Moo Moo's Libya. From a post in the Corner by Benjamin Weinthal:
The topsy-turvy world of human-rights organizations is perhaps best summed up in raw numbers. While Human Rights Watch flirted and courted a clinically insane dictator and his likely heir, Saif al-Islam (who had announced that he intends to “eradicate” the democratic opposition), HRW devoted the bulk of its energies and resources to targeting the region’s only democracy, Israel. As NGO Monitor revealed, “Since 1991 it has issued six substantive reports on Libya (versus more than 40 on Israel, for example). HRW’s website lists 42 pages of documents and reports on Israel and only 12 pages for Libya. In fact, many of HRW’s ‘major’ reports on Libya are actually directed towards the EU, US and Italy.”
So, to answer the above question: since "human rights" in our time has become a way of empowering those who push the Islamist/leftist agenda (control freaks who want the rest of us to curb our blasphemous tendencies), UN-style (also CHRC-style) "human rights" does indeed turn everything to crap.

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