Saturday, March 19, 2011

Exsqueeze Me?

In a USA Today report about Israel fighting back after Hamas launched a barrage of 54 mortars into Israel, you will find an astonishing (shocking, really) line:
Hayim Yellin, head of the Eshkol region where the mortars exploded, said the mortars are of the same type as those intercepted on cargo ship last week loaded with weapons Israel said were sent by Iran to Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip. 
Hamas acknowledged it launched some of the mortars — an unusual move as the Islamic militant group does not usually take responsibility for such attacks. Hamas fears triggering another Israeli invasion similar to a three-week operation aimed at stopping daily Palestinian shelling two years ago that killed about 1,400 Palestinians...
Oh, please. If Hamas seriously had such "fears" it would A) not 'fess up to the barrage and B) would not have unleashed a barrage in the first place. What you see here is not an example of Hamas's "fears," but of knee-jerks in the dhimmi media carrying the ball for jihadi elmininationists--a most heinous thing to do.

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