Tuesday, March 8, 2011

ISNA Canada Stands Up for 'Freedom' in Libya (or Does It?)

ISNA Canada, a Muslim Brotherhood creation, is calling on Prime Minister Stephen Harper to take action against Gaddafi. That's because
ISNA® Canada stands in solidarity with the people of Libya as they struggle peacefully to free themselves from the grip of a 41 year old dictatorship, from a savage regime which has stripped generations of Libyans of their freedom, dignity and hope, and forced them to live under the shadow of oppression and fear.
ISNA wants you to think it's pretty cut and dried: it's for "freedom" over tyranny, and that's that. But what if, after shedding its dictatorship, Libyans allow the Muslim Brotherhood (with whom the tyrant has has a past association) to take charge? Wouldn't that amount to trading one sort of tyranny for another? (Two questions which ISNA, for obvious reasons, is ever likely to address).

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